I blame/credit Nem for this new series.

The first video is called The First of Many Beat Downs and I had to smirk. Squatting for 10 minutes. That’s it. How is this even remotely a beat down.

Then I tried it. I stupidly brought my morning coffee to the ground thinking I’d leisurely sip away while I finish the last ten minutes of the News Radio episode I started last night.


  1. I’m falling backwards.
  2. Holding onto the TV cabinet hardware, my back aches and I’ll still falling backwards.
  3. Is it bad that I’m most comfortable leaning up against the couch? I assume so.
  4. To increase core control is to lift heels off the ground. How the hell does he do this?!?!
  5. Wow, my hips are creaky and it’s painfully obvious how imbalanced I am from one side to the other.

Give it a try if you dare!

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