Another New Apartment

As much as we love our little home in The Brentwood at Yonge & Davisville, we decided to make another move closer to Mississauga to shorten Richard’s commute.

After looking at newly built condos with depressingly small kitchens, little to ZERO closet space, and very little personality, we landed on a great apartment in a house convert right on the Bloor line.

This new place is slightly smaller than our current apartment, which means we need to get rid of some clutter and downsize our belongings. It’s also compartmentalized more with a very large kitchen, one small (9×13) room with no closet, and a larger front room with a small closet. So rather than have an open concept that we’ve had at 1403, we’ll instead have a bedroom, living room, and kitchen with office space.

Check out a video posted by the landlord to showcase the apartment when it was first built. Notice the room he calls a bedroom was actually used as the TV room by the tenants. I’d like to squeeze our queen bed into that 9×13 room and buy some cheap wardrobe solution for our clothes. With the door opening at one end and the window in another corner, the layout possibilities may be limiting. Suggestions welcome!!

I’ll be posting more about furniture placement and room layout as well as more design options. I’m definitely the type that adores this sort of thing!

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