Wishes Granted/Wishes Made

Oh how things have changed in a year!

In an earlier post I whined about the pitfalls of singledom when trying to stock a modern kitchen. This is when I started the Wish List. So let’s recap: on that first list, I wished for a mandoline, kitchen scales, and a knight in shining armour. Well, got the scales from Mom and found the knight at the climbing gym, so that leaves the mandoline outstanding. And here are some more wishes:

1. Pasta Insert from City Chef

You’d think I’d have discovered this one while in Italy with My Knight, but it was in fact in the fabulous home of Goodtime Touring’s owner and Sonoma’s former mayor that I first saw this gem. The pasta insert allows you to cook your pasta in the boiling water, then simply lift out the insert, bypassing the colander step entirely. Dreamy isn’t it!

2. Dreamfarm‘s Tapi Tap Squeeze Drink Fountain

It may bare striking ressemblance to a Diva Cup, but this little sucker is perfect for the kid in you who’s rushing around and doesn’t have time for silly things like glasses. The Tapi lets you drink straight from your faucet without that pesky neck cramp. Thanks to Coolest Gadgets for finding this one!

French butter crock3. The butter saver!

This one I’ve yet to try. My friend Leslie told me about it and I thought it simply untrue. But since my mom persists in her belief that margarine is the devil, and since I cannot handle leaving butter on the counter to go rancid, dusty, and melt away, I’ve decided I must try the butter crock. I haven’t picked what style I like, but I’ll hope to stumble upon a design I can handle. You can check out a video on how the butter saver actually works.

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