Life Plan

I don’t have a life plan. Or at least, I never picked up that stuck. My friend Steph always wanted to be a lawyer. She went to Queen’s University, studied hard, moved into graduate studies, then onto Osgoode and is now a practicing lawyer in downtown Toronto. She just always knew. I’m in awe of her but also baffled. How did she know? Is she happy with your choice? Did she ever waver?

In kindergarten, our teachers told us we could grow up to be whatever we wanted: doctor, lawyer, teacher, nurse, rock star, actress, or scientist. What they didn’t suggest were the careers like starting your own business; managing the development of a new product; or inventing a type of material or process that is used in, say, hospitals each and every day.

I’ve had some options float in and out of my life. I certainly could have stuck with the path I was on; and perhaps it’s simply a spoiled, opportunity-rich upbringing that has afforded me the option to be choosy. Whatever the reason, here I am, with no life plan.

So follow me, if you’ve the patience, as I stumble around trying to figure out what I can do in life that will unlock my passions. Something that will make a difference, if even a small difference.

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