R’s Birthday Present

R decided he wanted a pair of cross-country skis. I don’t know when he decided this, but I was less than convinced. I was also under the impression that it was expensive to outfit oneself with decent skis because my mother had upgraded her 1970s pair several years ago and recall it being a great. big. deal.

Once I found out the cost was affordable, I decided he was worth it 😀

I can honestly say I enjoy giving a wicked gift more than I enjoy receiving one. Given that R is occupied with a work function tomorrow evening, an official birthday dinner the following night, then a night with friends on Friday, we decided to bundle up and bring the new skis to Charlie’s dog walking park for a test drive. It was like bringing a 4 year-old kid to Chucky Cheese for the first time ever. He was ecstatic.


IMG_5476 IMG_5485

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