When the Cat is Away the Mouse Will Play!

Or she’ll spent her Saturday night with his parents making dinner and watching Turner Classic movies. Same difference. So my Knight decided he’d try to shed those last few pounds with a weekend climbing trip in Kentucky. When I got “home” from work Saturday evening, I was met by 3 big beautiful t-bone steaks for

I Hope That’s Not Butter

As you know, I love cooking for a crush, or nowadays, for my Knight in Shining Armour. But as we settle into each other, sometimes the shine loses its luster slightly. Where previously my efforts in the kitchen would be met with something sounding like “oooooh”, “ahhhhhh”, and “yummmmmm”, it may now be met with,

Cottage Cooking

From two pots and a coleman in the van, to a half renovated kitchen in Glasgow, to a sinkless, log cabin kitchen in northern Ontario – this is my kitchen life! Since my curiosity for cooking was really kicked into high gear while staying with my Aunt Vic and Uncle Rob, I decided I owed

The Early Bird Catches the Eggs

Ever since my first visit to Le Select Bistro a few weekends ago with my cousin, I’ve been dreaming of poached eggs and from-scratch Hollandaise sauce. Not that the smoked salmon or the buttery sauteed mushrooms and spinach as a side dish don’t deserve equal dream time; but it’s the poaching of eggs and mastering of a

Going Steady with Risotto

Creating a delicious risotto meal feels more energy-draining than tending to a tedious relationship. Every few minutes you’re required to add something while constantly stirring and monitoring it’s progress and determining whether it’s indeed ready for the next addition of stock or other ingredients. Just when you’re ready to say to your pot, “Listen, Risotto,

Life in the Kitchen with Asparagus

I love cooking for a crush. The forethought, the shopping and preparation, the delicious smells once he arrives at your door, the oo-ing and ahh-ing at tasting something fabulous… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking to be barefoot, pregnant, and wearing an apron in the kitchen for the rest of my life. But there