Gift Registry for One

While I was away this summer, cooking in a nice, fully-stocked kitchen, I realised now bogus it was that I didn’t have a complete kitchen full of nice equipment in my own apartment. No, I am not yet married, and yes, I realise that a nice big gift registry at The Bay will solve my dilemma, however I don’t believe I should go without while waiting for my Knight in Shining Armour. Besides, I don’t think a wide-ranging gift registry is part-and-parcel for a courthouse wedding ceremony.

But why should I have to wait for a birthday or christmas to pass to score a sweet kitchen appliance? I’m nearing 30 and have a keen interest in cooking, so I’ve decided that I want it all and I want it now.

What would be on your kitchen equipment wish list? Here are my top 3:

1. de Buyer Mandoline from Williams Sonomamandoline_williams_sonoma

I used to serve tables to pay for university clothes to wear while attending university. One of the restaurants served a crab salad that was presented by wrapping a slice of cucumber around a mound of crab meat and sprouts decorating the top. A gorgeous mandoline is just what I need to perfectly slice a cucumber length-wise. There’s really no other way.

2. EDGE Digital Kitchen Scale from American Weighamw_EDGE_main

How painfully awkward were my mother’s spring-loaded scales with accompanying bowl! How I loved weighing food using the sleek and effective digital scale, once I got my greedy little fingers on this baby, there was no bouncing back. I’d be willing to convert all cooking measurements into ounces just for the pleasure of weighting it all out!

3. Knight in Shining Armourknight

Okay so this isn’t actually equipment for my kitchen, but he would be a worthwhile addition to praise and adore me while I sweat and swear over recipes for romantic dinners together. As long as he’s microwave-save and dishwasher friendly.

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